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C-Tech Innovation participates in a wide range of funded collaborative research projects. We have extensive experience in project coordination, as well as in providing technical and scientific expertise to further the aims of the project.

We welcome enquiries about cooperation on future projects, and we can also help businesses and academic institutions with the application process for various funding sources.


ProSUM is developing a centralised database of critical raw materials, focused on urban mines and recycling possibilities for secondary sourcing of materials that are vital to our manufacturing and technology sectors. This Urban Mine Knowledge Data Platform will reduce the impact of resource scarcity and instability on supply chains.

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Kyrobio will increase the capability of the European manufacturing industry to produce high value single enantiomer chiral molecules by the adoption of new biocatalytic processes. The targeted reactions are generation of C-C and C-N bonds in molecules with multiple chiral centres by the application of lyase enzymes.
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The ECO-SEE project aims to address an emerging health problem associated with modern low carbon buildings. Modern buildings have been developed to be very airtight, improving their energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint. However, these sealed environments have created unexpected side effects, with research showing that a build-up of potentially harmful chemicals in the air is potentially causing negative impacts on occupants.
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INTASENSE was a major European project to improve indoor air quality and reduce building energy consumption. Part-funded through the European Commission’s Energy Efficient Buildings PPP (Public Private Partnership), INTASENSE involved eight organisations from five countries. Read More


Illuminate is a project that will create a closed automated sorting and recycling system for lamps and light bulbs. As many fluorescent bulbs contain highly toxic mercury, it is essential that this recovery and processing happens securely without the risk of releasing mercury into the environment.

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BIOGO is a collaborative European project that intends to create a fully integrated and comprehensive process for the production of biofuels using novel heterogeneous nanocatalysts and sustainable resources. This process will be integrated with the enabling functions of innovative micro-reactor technology developed in the project.

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Home Test

Proof of concept and process flow sheet creation

Engineering design, electrical design, build and commissioning

Scale-up and integration into client systems

We have a forty year history of applying these technologies across a wide range of sectors, including food, surface finishing, chemical processing, material processing, and nuclear.

C-Tech will take your idea and develop it to successful conclusion, starting with proof of concept, identification of key variables and creation of a process flow sheet. The next stage is the development of the flow sheet into a proposed process and design of pilot-scale equipment, including engineering design, electrical design, build and commissioning. We can then design full scale-up plant to client specification and integration into your manufacturing and service process.

Our experienced team includes scientists, mechanical and electrical design engineers, control systems engineers, project managers, and workshop technicians, working together to deliver your project on time and to budget.

Featured Products and Processes


C-Tech Innovation is leading an urban air quality project with partners Cheshire West and Chester Council and the University of Chester, funded by Innovate UK. This project is titled InterCityAir and aims to test the feasibility of developing an integrated data platform for Chester city centre to monitor and ameliorate poor air quality in real time.

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The Sustainable Treatment Of Waste Using Recycled Chitosans (STOWURC) project is developing sustainable materials and processes that use waste products from the seafood industry to treat waste streams and recover metals from the printed circuit board (PCB) and related industries.

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Wear2 is a process for microwave textile disassembly, making it easy to debrand corporate clothing, remove labels from end-of-season stock, and prepare textiles like clothing, car seats and mattresses for recycling. The lack of effective disassembly technologies and absence of design protocols for handling clothing at end-of-life have, until now, acted as a barrier to a profitable, sustainable clothing operation.

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The UK baking industry is a major energy using sub-sector of the UK food and drinks industry. Production of bread, cake and other bakery products still consumes in excess of the equivalent of 2,000 GWhr of energy annually, which is equivalent to annual CO2 emissions of 570,000 tonnes, even after a concerted effort by the sector to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Printed circuit board manufacturing demands continue to increase, requiring better reliability, enhanced performance and reduced environmental impact. The MACFEST project will address these issues in the development of improved solderable coatings which are made available due to novel applications techniques based on the use of ionic liquids.

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