Electrodialysis (ED) is a powerful technique for process development, process control, and product recovery in biocatalysis and fermentation. ED is well known in large scale applications for product recovery and downstream processing in commercial chemical synthesis and fermentation science.  

Improvement in substrate conversion rates; reduction in process volumes; removal of inhibitory products; greater than 95% recovery of product, and improved process control can be achieved by the application of electrodialysis to suitable chemical systems.

We have applied our expertise in electrochemistry and equipment design to create a unit with unique features to help researchers establish ED as a process development and manufacturing technology in their lab. Our team of chemists and engineers can help you get started with applying electrodialysis to your process. C-Tech has over fifteen years’ experience applying ED systems to biotech challenges such as mixed acid fermentations, Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol and lactic acid fermentations, transaminase reactions and amino acid synthesis.

Mobile laboratory-scale electrodialysis equipment

At C-Tech we have made ED accessible to research chemists and biotechnologists. We provide integrated ED systems which can process small volume reactions (5 litre ≥ 50ml) typical of those seen in initial biocatalysis and biotransformation process development. Operational ED units with much smaller working volumes can be designed to meet your research needs.

We offer sale of laboratory ED equipment including integrated lab ready ED systems; process development services for biocatalysis and fermentation; and bespoke equipment modifications for your process needs. We also offer larger capacity ED systems for scale-up to pilot and manufacturing applications.

Features and Benefits of Electrodialysis for Biocatalysis

  • Improve yield by in situ product removal and effective downstream processing. Can achieve greater than 95% recovery of products from fermentations and reactions.
  • Selective removal of inhibitory species from reactions.
  • Simplify downstream processing – reduce use of ion exchange media, recovery of product as free acid or base, an intensified process offering increased final product concentration.
  • Control of pH without base addition.
  • Process development/process analysis through the controlled addition and removal of chemical species.

C-Tech’s Advantages in ED Biocatalysis

  • Electrodialysis systems supplied with one integrated product in a mobile unit.
  • ED system comprise integrating liquid handling, ED stack, power supply, sensors, controls and data logging
  • Antifouling systems integrated with process control.
  • Choice of stack membrane composition and configuration.
  • Flexible stack and rig design can incorporate additional features e.g. molecular size selection.
  • Electrodialysis process development services.
  • Consultancy on ED system design and application.

Dr Kay McClean

Dr Kay McClean

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