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Bioprocesses based on the catalytic activities of microbes or isolated enzymes are increasingly attractive to industries in the manufacturing and environmental sectors. For industry, the needs for novel product development, demand for natural products, and rising energy costs reducing the margins on conventional processes are all driving the demand for new bioprocesses and improvement of existing methods.

We have many years experience in delivering bioprocess development products to the food, pharmaceutical, speciality chemical and environmental industry sectors. Our bioprocess technology team working in our own labs and workshops can help at many stages of your project, from proof of principle through to process design to pilot plant and beyond.

Biocatalyst Process Development

Our team of experienced biochemists, microbiologists, and engineers have together more than 50 years experience in novel bioprocess development and process improvement. Demand for process improvement is met by our multidisciplinary approach, which includes technology transfer, scale up and commercial evaluation.

Technical capabilities available in-house include

  • Microbiology
  • Enzyme formulation
  • Biocatalyst immobilisation
  • Process chemistry development
  • Process engineering
  • Fermentation technology

In addition to our technical capabilities and experience in handling biocatalysts we can also provide various enabling technologies which include energy-efficient thermal treatments, electrochemical process enhancement, electrodialysis and treatment of biological waste.

Consultancy and Project Management

C-Tech Innovation‘s expert technical and industry knowledge in bioprocess and chemical engineering, combined with its business experience and acumen makes us a preferred partner when due diligence and analysis of technologies, markets, and investment opportunities is required.
We have extensive experience in providing business, technical, and project management input into the following areas:

  • Due diligence (technical, regulatory, business) on technologies, companies, and facilities.
  • Research and analysis of investment opportunities.
  • Market assessment of bioprocess technologies and products.
  • Technology Transfer and management of multidisciplinary projects

Our products are always customised to meet our client’s specific needs and presented in clear and easy to understand reports which detail our findings and recommendations.

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Project Manager

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