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Vanadium Electrolyte Production

Vanadium electrolyte is the vital component of vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs), a technology which is booming in popularity as a stable, cost-effective storage medium for renewable energy. C-Tech Innovation has developed market-leading vanadium electrolyte production equipment that can reliably produce industrial quantities.1

Purity of the vanadium electrolyte is key to the running costs of VRFBs. Traditional methods use a wet chemistry approach which involves the addition of reagents which reduce the vanadium feedstock to the required V(III):V(IV) ratio. This wet chemistry method introduces impurities into the system which can affect VRFB lifetimes.

C-Tech has developed a novel electrochemical technology capable of manufacturing vanadium electrolyte without the addition of potentially harmful chemical reductants.

C-Tech’s non-chemical approach is market-tested at both pilot and production-scale, and is now in use in vanadium electrolyte production facilities.

Vanadium electrolyte pilot rig

AVL pilot-scale vanadium electrolyte production rig

HMI for vanadium electrolyte pilot rig

HMI for the pilot-scale vanadium electrolyte production rig

C-Tech Innovation recently built a pilot-scale processing array for Australian Vanadium Limited (AVL), to be followed by a production-scale model in the future. AVL CEO Vince Algar believes the “relationship with C- Tech, leveraging its existing technologies and exciting new ideas, provides AVL with further opportunities to grow, as its vanadium integration strategy takes shape.”

Vanadium Electrolyte Production Equipment for VFBs

Production-scale vanadium electrolyte equipment

C-Tech’s 12-cell array (pictured above) has an operating production output of 177 litres per hour. Each cell has an electrode surface area of 50 × 50 cm2, and as the system is modular, cells can be added or removed as production requirements change.

1. M. Skyllas-Kazacos, L. Cao, M. Kazacos, N. Kausar, A. Mousa, ChemSusChem 2016, 9, 1521.

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