Materials science is at the heart of many new and innovative ways to conserve energy, from applying hard coatings to engine components to reduce wear, to improvements in corrosion resistance to make structural and architectural metals last longer. C-Tech Innovation has been heavily involved in technological advances that are helping to increase the lifetime of metallic components and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly more important as gas and electricity prices continue to climb and we strive to reduce CO2 emissions. Science and engineering can help in these objectives by prolonging the life of materials. For example, moving parts within a machine or engine will eventually wear out and require expensive maintenance and replacement. By applying hard or wear-resistant coatings, friction can be reduced, leading to reduced energy losses during operation, and components will last longer, leading to reductions in shut-downs and significant cost savings. Advances in traditional electroplating and anodising processes need to be established to improve the performance of coatings, in order to realise true economic and environmental benefits.

  • Corrosion resistance of components in harsh environments
  • Wear resistance and hardness of moving parts
  • Colour retention to decorative finishes
  • Adherence of surfaces to be painted or coated

What we can do for you

C-Tech Innovation can provide a complete package of services from computational modelling of plating tank circulation, to construction and commissioning of a development surface finishing line.

  • Modelling – C-Tech Innovation employs industry standard Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software COMSOL and ANSYS to model fluid, heat and electrical flows, and chemical reactions, to optimise existing processes or design new ones.
  • C-Tech Innovation has a dedicated developmental surface finishing line that can be customised for different processes. Whether it’s electroless nickel plating, anodising, or electroplating of precious metals, the line can be adjusted to suit. New plating equipment (e.g. flow enhancement eductors) can be tested before applying to the manufacturing line.
  • New processes, electrolytes, operating conditions, or equipment, can be tested at C-Tech Innovation without interruption to your manufacturing lines.
  • Our team of experienced electrochemists and engineers will be happy to discuss individual requirements for scaling up from the laboratory to full scale manufacturing, including heat transfer requirements and rectifier options.



Improving the processing of anodised aluminium oxide coatings to provide improved corrosion resistance and durability.

Funded by the European Commission under the FP7 framework.

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Electrochemistry group leader John Collins

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