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C-Tech’s Atmospheric Pressure Non-Equilibrium Plasma (APNEP) is based on microwave technology and has a number of applications including nanoparticle production and modification, dry degreasing of metals and adhesion enhancements in polymers.


Our plasma system is unique.  It provides some of the highly beneficial processing properties normally only associated with vacuum plasmas.  However by operating at atmospheric pressure the APNEP is able to provide the same beneficial properties but in a much more cost effective design.

Additionally, when compared with conventional atmospheric pressure plasmas, the APNEP plasma is considerably lower temperature and significantly non-equilibrium in nature.  This means that a greater variety of materials can be treated, including polymers and textiles.  Processing can be extremely rapid, enabling continuous processing as well as batch.


Our unique microwave based plasma system has been successfully demonstrated in numerous key applications including;

  • Dry degreasing of metals
  • Production and modification of nanoparticles; e.g. nanodeposition of silver for antimicrobial surfaces
  • Adhesion enhancements of polymers
Microwave plasma chamber

The APNEP plasma chamber

Dom Cupertino, C-Tech Project Manager

Dom Cupertino

Project Manager

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