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A wide range of materials processing applications can be carried out using Radio Frequency (RF) or microwave heating. Key applications include RF welding, a very rapid and controllable method for high quality, permanent bonding of thermoplastic polymers; adhesive curing – rapid forming of adhesive bonds to join dissimilar materials, and moulding of three dimensional components including expandable polymers such as EPS and carbon fibre composites.

Our expertise encompasses research and development of new welding, curing and forming applications as well as design and build of specialist equipment to demonstrate process benefits.

All of our RF systems utilise 50 ohm technology.


Dielectric curing and forming deliver a range of process benefits:

  • Volumetric and uniform heating of material; enabling rapid heating cycles and avoiding overheating
  • Selective heating of key component; this delivers both reductions in energy use and process time
  • Energy efficient processing

RF welding systems have the following additional benefits:

  • Significant improvements in part reproducibility and reduced scrap rates
  • Any weld errors are reported instantaneously by the control system
  • Production of strong joins under clean conditions without need for adhesives or solvents


What we can do for you

  • Process development; dielectric curing and moulding applications as well as precision welding of e.g. medical devices
  • Applicator design for RF and microwave equipment including to maximise heating uniformity
  • Design of functional, 3 dimensional tooling for RF and microwave processes
  • Build of lab-scale and pilot scale equipment and assist with industrial scale installations
  • Modelling and simulation of microwave and RF fields
  • Measurement of dielectric properties



Developing a pressurised microwave process for rapid production of expanded biopolymer packaging.

RF Cure

Developing innovative RF systems to cure glass fibre and carbon fibre reinforced composite materials.