While induction heating in industrial applications has been in widespread use for many years, particularly within the metal processing industries, there is now increasing interest in this versatile technology for other heating applications. Induction heating can be particularly useful for products which might be sensitive to excess heating, thereby creating a spoiled product, or in applications where heat is required to be applied in difficult geometries. C-Tech Innovation has extensive design and build capabilities for this kind of specialist induction heating equipment.

Induction heating works by using a high-frequency alternating current in an electromagnet. This induces eddy currents in the target material which then produce heat. This is an ideal way of delivering targeted heating as you create the impeller or other heating medium, which can be manufactured in any shape or size required.

The technology is also familiar in a domestic setting as the induction hob.

Advantages of induction heating

  • High heat transfer rates
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Localized, constant and precise heating
  • Temperature control
  • Energy saving
  • Possibility of integration into production lines
  • Best quality and yield/performance
  • Pollution free, fast and secure technology
  • Improved working environment

C-Tech Innovation can offer you an induction heater development service, including COMSOL multi-physics modelling, design, development and build capability. As we do not manufacture off-the-shelf induction heating equipment, this is an entirely bespoke service targeted specifically at the client’s needs.

Some examples of previous induction heater projects include:

  • Heated mixers for foodstuffs
  • Drying of nuclear waste
  • Heating of coatings on metals
  • Rotary calciner-heated minerals and pigments

Example Application

Induction Heated Mixer

An induction-heated mixer

Schematic of an induction-heated mixer

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