Supporting STEMNET in the North West

C-Tech Innovation is proud to be supporting STEMNET, the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Network. STEMNET is an educational charity that encourages pupils to participate in science and engineering-based subjects and to remain in the field for further education and eventually for work. STEMNET ambassadors are people in academia and industry working in STEM fields who volunteer to share their time and expertise with schoolchildren.

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Iron-zeolite material at high magnification

Zeolite and Thin Film Technology Advances

Zeolites have an enormous impact on our daily lives, both directly and indirectly. Zeolites are used in the production of petrochemicals, fuels, biogas, water purification, as well as household products like cat litter, disposable nappies, clothes, furniture, foods and construction materials. Zeolites have microporous structures which gives them excellent attributes as adsorbents or catalysts.
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