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Greenius Project Completed: Pre-processing for AD

C-Tech Innovation has recently successfully completed work on the Greenius project. Housed in a shipping container, the Greenius plant is designed to sterilise and homogenise organic waste so it can be used as feedstock for anaerobic digestion (AD) systems. The combination of in-house planning, design, modelling, building and testing of the plant makes it a great showcase of the integrated capabilities that C-Tech Innovation can offer.

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Figaro project meeting

Figaro Project Forges Ahead

Dr Roohollah Torabi and Clare Downs of C-Tech Innovation recently attended the project review meeting for one of C-Tech’s EU-funded projects in the agriculture sector, named FIGARO. The meeting was held at the FAO (Farming and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) building in Rome, Italy. The participants (i.e. the other 16 project partners) were from various academic, industrial and governmental organizations from across Europe, as well as from the FAO itself. Read More